Table Top Steamer


Overall Dimensions: 12.5” Wide, 21” Long, 12.5” High
Tank Dimensions: 12″ Wide, 20″ Long, 8.5″ High
Tank Capacity: 8 Gallons/ 32 Quarts
Basket Dimensions: 11″ Wide, 19″ Long, 6.75″ High
Basket Capacity: 6 Gallon/ 24 Quarts
Burner BTU’s: 185,000
Weight: 25 pounds
Designed for professional caterers, restaurants and serious backyard cooks. This product stands out for its high quality assembly and durable design. Made of non-corrosive aluminum for durability, easy cleanup, and a professional look. This all-purpose item can be used to boil, steam, or deep fry and is made for large events, big parties or corporate affairs. The Mini-Steamers have roughly a third of the capacity of the Lowcountry Steamer.

The Mini-Steamers are made for (but not limited to):
  • Steaming a third of a bushel of oysters, crabs, clams, and lobsters
  • Steaming or boiling shrimp (about 20+ pounds)
  • Boiling peanuts, corn, potatoes, etc.
  • Frying fish, seafood or chicken

The steamer is made of .125″ thick, 3000 series aluminum and is fueled by propane and includes a removable, aluminum basket.